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Club Meetings

Any handout distributed at club meetings are posted here. If you missed a meeting, please download the paperwork that you missed at the meeting.

First club meeting

Download and return this form with your club dues:

State Leadership Workshop

Upcoming state leadership workshop dates:


2010 State Leadership Workshop

The Penn Stater, State College October 24-25, 2010 (Sunday-Monday)

2011 State Leadership Workshop
Lancaster Host Resort and Conference Center
October 23-24, 2011 (Sunday-Monday)

Conference Forms:

Emergency Form
Must be completed and returned with trip payment
Click here to download form

State Competition


Upcoming state competition dates
2011 State Leadership Conference
Hershey Lodge and Convention Center
April 4-6, 2011 (Monday-Wednesday)

2012 State Leadership Conference
Hershey Lodge and Convention Center
April 16-18, 2012 (Monday-Wednesday)

2013 State Leadership Conference
Hershey Lodge and Convention Center
April 15-17, 2013 (Monday-Wednesday)

2014 State Leadership Conference
Hershey Lodge and Convention Center
April 7-9, 2014 (Monday-Wednesday)

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Conference Forms

Emergency Form
Must be completed and returned with trip payment
Click Here

Safety Form

Must be completed by yourself and your parents

Trip information Document

Details will be covered and explained in a meeting

Accountability Journal

Must be filled out while at the SLC. Will be collected at room check on the last day of the conference--have it fully completed by then.

Club Field Trips

If you need an additional copy of the permission slip for club-sponsored field trips, please print one below.

Permission Slip

Officer Elections Forms

If you would like to have your name included on the ballot of officer elections for the upcoming school year, complete the form below.

Officer Duties:

  • Assist advisor on all field trips by distributing all necessary materials to members.
  • Assist all other officers who may need help with their duties
  • Organize members at meetings
  • Ensure that all officers are not talking during meetings
  • Run the club meetings
  • Encourage all members to participate in FBLA event
Vice President

  • Maintain an updated record of all member's participation points
  • Track member attendance at meetings with the points system
  • Explain the points system at meetings
  • Track member participation in all club events through the points system
  • Use the points google document to maintain an updated record of member's points
  • Input all points no later than the Friday after each meeting or field trip
  • Take minutes at all meetings
  • Gather member email addresses and enter them into the member roster Google Document (linked below)
  • After each meeting, generate a "What you missed at the meeting" email to be sent to all members who missed the meeting
  • After each meeting, make a copy of the attendance sheet so you know who to send the email to
  • Use the FBLA secretary gmail account to send out all FBLA related emails.
  • Enter each member into the contact listing of the secretary gmail account.
  • Update the Google calendar associated with the FBLA secretary gmail account.
  • Deposit all cash and checks paid to the club in a timely manner
  • File all account withdraw and deposit slips in the account binder in room 111
  • Track all payments and deposits in the FBLA account Google Document
  • Keep deposit and withdraw slips available in the treasurer folder of the FBLA filing cabinent
  • Maintain accurate fundraiser records on the fundraiser Google Document
  • Change the bulletin board outside room 111 each marking period
  • Create a club newsletter twice during the school year (winter and spring)
  • Take photos at all field trips
  • Upload all photos taken on field trips to the T:// drive FBLA photos folder
  • Create club scrapbook showing all club events from the school year
  • Create photo display case in showcase after each field trip